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9.7. Suspending Assistance


Ontario Works Effective Date: July 1, 2009
Topic: Monitoring Eligibility Replaces: November 1, 2004
Subject: Suspending Assistance Policy No. H.9.7.




Case Managers should not place a suspend on the client’s regular monthly assistance as clients require clear written verification in order to suspend benefits. This however, maybe applicable in the issuance of ERE, CSUB, Discretionary Benefits, etc... 

The following are acceptable reasons for placing a client on suspend where the Case Manager has been unable to contact the client, and hence makes them ineligible for their next entitlement:

  1. Job search missing for second month. Participant must have been sent a written warning.

  2. Missing information such as pay stubs, medicals, documents required for enhanced verification (e.g., birth certificates, social insurance numbers, health insurance numbers).

  3. Assignments to be signed, e.g., Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Work Place Safety Insurance Benefits, Sickness insurance, private benefits, etc.

  4. Rent not paid.

  5. FSW recommendation.

  6. Unable to contact participant.

  7. Participant’s whereabouts unknown.

  8. Anticipated income precludes eligibility.

Cheques/Direct Bank Deposits are to be held only when there is a question of eligibility and not as a means of managing a caseload. Holding cheques/Direct Bank Deposits increases the workload for Case Managers, clerical staff and supervisors, increases office traffic and causes unexpected case management demands.


  1. Case Manager advises the Intake Worker to hold a client’s cheque. This does not apply to monthly cheques after cut off.

  2. Direct Bank Deposits cannot be held in the office. If a participant is not entitled, a cancel or stop must be completed three days before the Direct Bank Deposit is due. However, it is recommended to place your client on suspend before the cut-off. (See Section 11 - 04 for the process to follow for placing a Stop/Cancel on a DBD after cut-off).

Note: Direct Bank Deposits/cheques will automatically be held by the computer if the Statement of Income is not received.

  1. Case Manager completes the Banking Requisition Report Form, and forwards it to the Financial Assistant. 
  1. Case Manager must get confirmation from the Financial Assistant that the form was received and processed.
  1. The Financial Assistant checks the Royal Bank transactions and a stop payment is placed on the cheque. 
  1. Confirmation is required from the Financial Assistant that the payment was stopped, prior to the Case Manager re-issuing another cheque. This process can take up to 2 days.
  1. The Financial Assistant will record in the SDMT notes the results of stop payment. (I.e. cheque #123, dated, for $xxx was stopped or cheque #123, dated, for $xxx was cashed).
  1. Where the cheque has been cashed, a replacement cheque should not be issued.