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7B.18. Travel & Transportation (Non-Health Related)


Ontario Works Effective Date: March 1, 2022
Topic: Benefits/Discretionary Benefits Replaces: July 1, 2009
Subject: Travel & Transportation (Non-Health Related) Policy No. H.7B.18.



Authority OW Act: Sec. 2, 5 and 10 & OW Directives: Dir. 7.7 

Travel and transportation for non-health related purposes is a discretionary benefit and may be provided when the supervisor considers travel and transportation reasonable and appropriate.

The most economical method of travel should be considered when approving this benefit. Reimbursement or payment for travel and transportation costs will equal the actual costs incurred. Where a participant uses their own vehicle or has access to a vehicle for travel, the actual costs will be equivalent to the mileage rate permitted by the Northern Health Travel Grant.


Reasonable and Necessary Transportation Costs

Transportation required for extraordinary reasons other than medical purposes includes the following:

  • Relocation to another municipality, where it has been verified that the relocation is in the client's best interest (e.g. they have obtained employment, better access to health care services…)
  • Repatriation when relocation of a person out of the Province or Country is in the client's best interest (e.g. illness, desertion, employment)
  • Transportation to court appearances to obtain support
  • Transportation for hospital visits or attendance to a funeral for a close relative

Case Manager reviews and documents the request and the cost in the Social Assistance Computer System Notes.

Case Manager must complete the Discretionary Benefits form and submit for approval. Once approved the benefit is requested and paid as non-health related.