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5.11. Employment Insurance Benefits


Ontario Works Effective Date: July 1, 2009
Topic: Income and Exemptions Replaces: November 1, 2004
Subject: Employment Insurance Benefits Policy No. H.5.11.



Authority OW Act: Sec. 7(1), 7(2), 7(3), 13, 16(1), 19(2) & OW Directives:  5.2

The following procedure is in place to ensure that payment of assistance made by Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB to persons who have claimed, but not yet received, Employment Insurance Benefits may be reimbursed by Service Canada and paid to the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB. 

Note: Reimbursement is made directly to Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB by the HRDC


The assignment of benefits is accomplished through the completion and submission to Human Resources Development Canada, on Form 3113 - Assignment of Benefit.  

The Case Manager must also record the amount of one week of basic allowance in the Minimum Living Allowance (MLA) section.  

Note: If participant is boarding, one week of the boarding and lodging allowance is recorded. 

  1. The upper section of the form should be completed by the Case Manager and signed by the applicant/participant. This part of the form is self-explanatory. Copy to be given to applicant/participant. 

  2. Parts A and B should be completed noting the following points.  When only one payment of Ontario Works is made, this should be indicated in Part A by giving the amount and the date on which the assistance was paid, otherwise, the amounts should be prorated on a weekly basis relating to periods beginning with each Sunday. 

Note:  In the latter cases, it may not be possible to determine the exact amount of assistance issued as the weekly prorated figures should be rounded down to an even dollar.

The assignment form does not necessarily have to be at the Service Canada office before the E.I.B. cheque for the relevant period is mailed.  If the assignment is late, Service Canada will collect a justified assignment from the subsequent week or weeks.  Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB has up to eight weeks to submit an assignment, but this concession should not be abused.  The assignment form should always be submitted after the payment of assistance is made.

Total amounts paid should be indicated in the three spaces provided above “Part A” of the “Social Service Office Use Only” section. 

A copy of the completed form must be forwarded to Espanola for tracking. 


The bottom portion of the form informs the Administrator if the assignment is not accepted and gives the reason for non-acceptance. The following notes refer to the codes listed in this section.


Reason 01  no record of claim
Reason 02 earnings declared
Reason 03 benefit period not established
Reason 04 prior to benefit period commencement
Reason 05 beyond eight week limitation
Reason 06 disqualified
Reason 07 disentitled
Reason 08 EI week not processed
Reason 09 waiting period
Reason 10 found work
Reason 11 transferred out of the MS-DSB region
Reason 12  BF'd until first assignment cleard

Only one copy of the assignment form will be returned to Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB.  The other will be kept in the Service Canada office for three weeks in case the status of the applicant changes.