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5.10. Canada Pension Assignments


Ontario Works Effective Date: March 1, 2022
Topic: Income and Exemptions Replaces: July 1, 2009
Subject: Canada Pension Assignments Policy No. H.5.10.



Authority OW Act: Sec. 7(1), 7(2), 7(3), 13, 16(1), 19(2) & OW Directives:  5.2

In most cases, an assignment is taken while a person is waiting for disability benefits to be confirmed and paid.

Benefits are assigned directly to Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board.

Every time a Case Manager completes an assignment, a copy must be filed in the electronic filing system. Case Managers must input a task in the social assistance computer system for 3 months to follow up if the assignment has been paid. If the assignment has not been paid, Case Managers should follow up with clients to determine why the assignment was not honoured. 

Where assignments are not honoured or reimbursement is not received, an overpayment is established.
If a third party or person acting on behalf of a benefit unit member fails to deduct and remit money to the delivery agent, the benefit unit member remains eligible for assistance. However, if money is received that has been assigned and is not repaid to the delivery agent, an overpayment is established.
When payment is received by the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB finance department from any external source (i.e. WSIB, CPP, EI, OSAP, etc.) A copy of the payment is sent to the Administrative Assistant who then posts it to the client’s file in the social assistance computer system.


The assignment of benefits is accomplished through the completion and submission to the Canada Pension Plan, Form C.P.P. 1513, Consent to Deduction and Payment.  The assignment must be accompanied by an “Authorization to Communicate information”

It is essential that the applicant completing the form be advised of the terms which apply with respect to the consent.

Each person must be told, therefore, that:

• The consent is required in order to be eligible under Ontario Works.

• The applicant must have applied, or be in the process of applying for C.P.P. Benefits.


The deduction is only made from the initial C.P.P. retroactive payment and cannot, therefore, exceed that amount.  There will be no deduction from the regular monthly cheques issued after the initial C.P.P. retroactive payment.

The amount to be deducted from the C.P.P. Benefit for a month will not exceed the amount of Ontario Works granted for that month and no deduction will be made for the months that Ontario Works is not in pay.


A person is granted C.P.P. retroactive to January on May 1, at a monthly amount of $275. Ontario Works was granted, effective March 15, at $733 per month. The total amount of C.P.P. in arrears is $1100. 

Although the person received $1099.50 of Ontario Works, (1 ½ months at $733 per month), Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB is entitled to recover only $412.50, (1 ½ months at the C.P.P. rate of $275 per month). The participant is entitled to retain $687.50, ($1100 - $412.50). 

Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB is expected to list the amount recovered, ($412.50 in this case), as income on Form 5 - Ontario Works Subsidy Claim. 

Name of Applicant  Name of person applying for Ontario Works
Social Insurance Number The Social Insurance Number to be used is that of the C.P.P contributor.
Address of C.P.P District Office Address of C.P.P. Office through which C.P.P. Benefit was applied for.
Date of Application Date C.P.P. was applied for.
Type of Benefit Type of C.P.P. Benefit applied for i.e. Retirement, Survivors or Disability.
Date Date the Consent was signed.

Date of Initial Payment  Date of first payment of Ontario Works.
Amount of Initial Payment Amount of first payment of Ontario Works
Amount of Continuing Payment Amount of continuing payment of Ontario Works. Indicate if it is monthly or weekly.
Date The date on which the consent is signed by the client and the Case Manager
Signature Signature of Program Manager or authorized person
Address Address of Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB
Telephone Telephone number of Manitoulin-Sudburty DSB
Welfare Agency Code Agency number assigned to Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB is 1391
Reference Number Use the Member ID of the applicant