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2.5. Declaration of Support and Maintenance


Ontario Works Effective Date: March 1, 2022 
Topic: Application    Replaces: July 1, 2009
Subject: Declaration of Support and Maintenance  Policy No. H.2.5. 



The Declaration of Support and Maintenance (Form 2212), must be completed on each and every absent person who has been determined to have an obligation to support the applicant or participant and or their children. In completing this form, it is essential to advise the applicant or participant of the importance, and obligation of pursuing support.


The Declaration of Support & Maintenance (Form 2212) must be completed when there has been: 

  1. A spousal union of some duration and the applicant/participant is applying for assistance after the separation of the couple if there are no dependent children. If there are dependent children the duration of the spousal union is irrelevant. 
  2.  child between the couple regardless of whether they have lived together or the length of time they may have lived together. 
  3. A legal marriage and the marriage has dissolved, and one of the individuals is now applying for OWA. 
  4. A application for Temporary Care Assistance. A 2212 must be completed for each natural parent or a person who has a legal responsibility to support (i.e. a putative parent) or a parent who has demonstrated a ‘settled intent’ to act in place of an absent parent).