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2.2. Intake Guidelines/Emergency Assistance


Ontario Works Effective Date: March 1, 2022 
Topic: Application    Replaces: July 1, 2009
Subject: Intake Guidelines/Emergency Assistance  Policy No. H.2.2. 



Authority  OW Act: 2, 5, 8, 9 and 26(2) & OW Directives: Dir. 2.3  

Emergency assistance enables the immediate provision of financial assistance to an applicant in a crisis or emergency situation. The provision of financial assistance in an emergency may include an amount for basic needs, shelter and benefits


1. Eligibility for Emergency Assistance is based on Ontario Works Directives. No other assistance can be issued until a Form 1, Consents, Rights and Responsibilities, and Outcome Plan are completed. 

2. If the client can provide a copy of their DBD information via fax, e-mail or text, this is to be entered and accessed as way of payment. Client’s personal information will be verified before inputting DBD information in the Social Assistance Computer System.  If the applicant does not have access to this information, payment will be issued by cheque through Social Assistance Computer System for pick up in one to two working days. Real Time payment can be issued for urgent circumstances with the approval of the Supervisor.

3. For applicants with no I.D., application will be completed but not processed until the I.D. is presented. In extenuating circumstances, one emergency cheque may be issued without I.D.

Example: The applicant is fleeing an abusive situation and is unable to go back into the home. 

These cases must be clearly documented in The Social Assistance Computer System and approved by a Supervisor. Applicant to be referred to emergency housing, soup kitchen and food banks.

For identification purposes a driver’s license, a health card, or a letter from a correctional institution will be acceptable for an emergency cheque, however, this is not acceptable for enhanced verification. If a client is issued a cheque and does not have I.D., the Case Manager will identify the applicant to front line staff.

Cross Reference:  Section 3.8 - Transient/Homeless Persons
Cross Reference:  Section 5.5. Food Vouchers