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11.4. Refunds & Repayments


Ontario Works Effective Date: July 1, 2009
Topic: Administration Replaces: November 1, 2004
Subject: Refunds & Repayments Policy No. H.11.3.



Overpayments must be repaid in full by OW participants. Clients should be encouraged to bring in cheques or money orders to repay overpayments. If their payment will be made by cash a receipt must be issued and two (2) Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB staff must count and witness the receipt.  

Note: All cheques/money orders must be made payable to “Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board” 

* This policy is subject to additions/revisions.


Cash Receipts Procedure
  1. (a) Receiver signs receipt for all cash and bank deposit slips noting date, client or tenant name, ID, or building and unit number, amount and payment method. Receiver should also make a legible copy of the bank deposit slip (both sides).
  1. All money must be transferred to the Finance Dept., as quickly as possible, DO NOT hold onto repayments, reimbursements for longer than a day.
  1. If this is a client repayment:
  1. Please write on receipt “A letter confirming repayment will be issued in 5 days”. This should be written before all copies are separated.
  2. Cash will not be sent via mail.  All satellite offices will go to the bank or Post Office and buy a money order in the amount of the cash.  Should the Intake Worker need to complete the TO and FROM section on the money order they will indicate DSB in these sections. Before the Money Order is forwarded to the Espanola office the Intake Worker will indicate who/which department the money order is for. Petty cash can be used for the service charges (keep receipt in petty cash). Complete the money order in the name of Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB.
  3. Please keep 2nd copy of money order in client file. The money order can be tracked if it is lost.
  4. Photocopy receipt and money order and fax the information to the attention of the Financial Assistant (Joyce and Leslie) and Supervisor. Please email that the information has been sent and that it is in today’s mail.
  5. If it is too late to purchase money order, please lock the money up in a secure place where the receiver is the only one with access. (Note do not take money out of the office)
  6. If it is necessary to give the money to another employee, have them initial the receipt book in pen. The last person signing the receipt is the person responsible for the money.
  1. DO NOT TAKE OR RECEIVE MONEY WITHOUT SIGNING SOMETHING FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION. (i.e. person giving money must have signature in his/her possession)
  1. The Financial Dept. will issue a monthly list of reimbursements/repayments. Please review this and check for any of your clients that may not be listed.
  1. If the money is received at Head Office, only the person signing the receipt and the Financial Assistant that will be doing deposits for the day, should have contact with the money. As stated before, signatures are required and receipt should have the following written on it “A letter confirming repayment will be issued in 5 days”
  1. The last person who signs for receipt of the money is the person responsible for it.
  1. The Financial Dept will issue a letter to the client confirming the amount of the repayment and the date.