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9.8 Change in Parental Contribution


Children's Services Effective Date: April 1, 2021
Topic: Eligibility Criteria for Parents Replaces: January 1, 2010
Subject: Change in Parental Contribution  Policy No. F.9.8. 



Applicants may apply for a reduction to their parental contribution if there has been a significant change in income that has caused a reduction in their family income. The reduction, in the current calendar year, must be at least 20% compared to the adjusted annual income shown in the previous year’s Notice of Assessment (NOA). 


An application for a “Reduction of Parental Contribution” (Appendix C) must be completed and supporting documentation must be provided. Reductions of parental contributions are approved at the discretion of the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB, and they are intended to assist families for whom the assessed contribution would create a significant hardship for the family.

If, at any time, it is determined that there were unreported changes to the information provided by Applicant One and Applicant Two (if applicable), Applicant One and Applicant Two (if applicable) may be subject to an overpayment, see Child Care Policy F.5.3.