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9.5 Court Ordered Child Care


Children's Services Effective Date: January 1, 2010 
Topic: Eligibility Criteria for Parents Replaces: 
Subject: Court Ordered Child Care Policy No. F.9.5.



Unless provided with a statement of a change to the payment arrangements for child care, signed by both parties, the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB must consider court ordered payments for child care in approving child care subsidy when the specific amount ordered to be paid is higher than the custodial parent’s assessed family contribution. The amount in excess of the assessed family contribution must be used to reduce the amount of child care subsidy to be paid by the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB.

If a court order, or Custody and Support Declaration, states that each parent will pay a portion of the child care costs, the custodial parent will be responsible for arranging for the non-custodial parent to pay his/her share of the assessed monthly contribution. The Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB will not enforce the non-custodial parent’s payment of court ordered costs.


If the court order reads that the non-custodial parent will pay a specified monthly amount, specifically for child care, and this amount is higher than the custodial parent’s assessed family contribution, the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB will override the assessed monthly contribution and enter the court ordered amount. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the ordered amount is paid to the child care centre. 

Changes to terms of court orders 

If the terms outlined in the court order are not reflective of the actual circumstances, the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB may accept a written statement signed and dated by both parties. The statement shall outline any changes to custody and visitation arrangements, or arrangements for payment, for child care and the period in which the changes will be in effect.