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9.4 Custody & Visitation


Children's Services Effective Date: April 1, 2021
Topic: Eligibility Criteria for Parents    Replaces: January 1, 2010
Subject: Custody & Visitation  Policy No. F.9.4. 



All applicants who are single parents will be asked for a court order, separation agreement, or other documentation outlining custody and visitation arrangements for the child(ren) using subsidized child care. 

In the case where there is no court order or separation agreement, the applicant may provide a signed declaration witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths describing the custody and visitation arrangements. 

A parent is only eligible for child care subsidy (or absent days) when the child/children are in his/her custody and/or care.

In some cases, the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB may approve the payment of up to two weeks of absent days (in one-week blocks) for children who are on scheduled visits with the non-custodial parent or other relatives during the summer or holidays.


Unless provided with a statement of a change to the custody or visitation arrangements, signed by both parties, the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB will create a schedule based on the court ordered visitation schedule of when the client will be eligible for child care subsidy.

For example, If the court order, or other agreement, states that parents have custody on alternating weeks, the client will only be eligible for child care subsidy on the weeks when the child/ children are residing with them. 

The other parent may make a separate application for child care subsidy for the days in which the child/children are in his/her custody/ or care.