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8.6 Absent Days


Children's Services Effective Date: January 1, 2020
Topic: Application for Child Care Subsidy  Replaces: 10.2 November 2004
Subject: Absent Days Policy No. F.8.6.



The Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB will pay a maximum of 36 absent days, per calendar year, in order to enable centres to meet the needs of the children attending their centre.

For the purposes of clarity, absent days are also known as sick or vacation days.


Each centre has individual policies regarding vacation and sick credits which must be considered.  (For example: a child care centre may have a policy which allows each family 10 vacation days per year where they do not have to pay fees).  Families receiving subsidy must use the allocated vacation and sick days from the centre before the centre can charge the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB for vacation or sick days.

Thirty-six (36) absent days are allocated as of January 1 of the calendar year. The number of sick days allotted in OCCMS is prorated from the time of grant.  For example, if a family enrolls in April, the child will be provided with twenty-seven (27) absent days.  

Verification will be required for children who have extraordinary medical needs and may exceed this maximum. Each case is approved on an individual basis. 

It is the responsibility of the centre to inform parents of the number of remaining absent days available.  

Absent days may not be banked.