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8.3 Foster Care & Temporary Care


Children's Services Effective Date: April 1, 2021  
Topic: Application for Child Care Subsidy    Replaces: January 1, 2010
Subject: Foster Care & Temporary Care Policy No. F.8.3. 



Foster Care 

A foster parent may not make an application for subsidy on behalf of foster children where the foster allowance is from a source other than OW (i.e. CAS foster care allowance). It is expected that the sponsoring agency will pay the full cost of the required child care. In situations where it is confirmed in writing that there is no funding from the sponsoring agency the foster children will be eligible to apply for subsidy following the process as if they were the children of the applicant.

Temporary Care 

A guardian may make an application for subsidy for children where a temporary care allowance is received is from Ontario Works. Financial eligibility will be approved under the Ontario Works policy. Eligible hours of care approved will follow the regular eligible hours of care policy for the applicant.