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4.1 EarlyON Child and Family Centres


Children's Services                     Effective Date: April 1, 2021  
Topic: EarlyON Child and Family Centres   Replaces: January 1, 2010
Subject: EarlyON Child and Family Centres  Policy No. F.4.1. 



EarlyON Child and Family Centres, previously identified as Best Start Hubs offer high-quality, free drop-in programs for children 0-6 and their families where they can learn, grow and connect together.

EarlyON programs are supported by:

  • A legislative framework that recognizes the role of service system managers;
  • Investments in EarlyON Child and Family Centres; and
  • A provincial pedagogy for the early years to guide programming: How Does Learning Happen, Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years, 2014 (HDLH).

The Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board is responsible for local management of EarlyON Child and Family Centres.

It has been determined that the provision of EarlyON Child and Family Centres will be done through a purchase of service agreement with local service providers.

Service providers will be required to adhere to the objectives, vision and guiding principles as set by the Ministry of Education.

Service provider will be required to provide accurate and timely data as required. 


Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB, as an approved delivery agent, shall:

  • Monitor the use of funds with service providers on an annual basis
  • Reconcile service providers use of funds, and recover as required, based on ministry Year-End reconciliation processes
  • Ensure that EarlyON Child and Family Centre services are designed and delivered to achieve MEDU objectives and are guided by MEDU vision and guiding principles, meet service targets

Service Data Elements

As a minimum, Service Providers through the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB are required to report the following on a quarterly basis:

  • Number of parents/caregivers served
  • Number of visits made by parents/caregivers
  • Number of children served
  • Number of visits made by children