B.2.03 A Honoraria Expectations



General Administration Effective Date: January 1, 2011
Topic: Governance  Replaces: May 27, 2004
Subject: Honoraria Expectations Policy No. B.2.03.A



Board Honoraria Expectations  

A board honorarium is provided in recognition of the ongoing responsibilities and time commitments of all Board members.  

Expectations of all Board Members  

  1. Familiarize themselves fully with the Board’s operations and the information provided on the public portion of the Board website 

  2. Monitor the Board secure Share Point web portal on weekly basis 

  3. Attend all Board and Committee meetings unless there is a justifiable absence as set out in this document 

  4. Monitor and read correspondence on the Correspondence section of the website on weekly basis

  5. Respond to requests for decisions and read e-mails on an ongoing but at minimum weekly basis 

  6. Come to Board meetings fully prepared for a discussion of the agenda items

  7. Comply with the:

Justifiable Absences 

An absence will be considered justifiable if the members calls in advance of the meeting and the member is absent because: 

  1. The member or their immediate family is ill. 

  2. The member is in attendance at other meetings at which business of concern to this Board is on the agenda.       

  3. The member is required to be at a municipal meeting at which their presence is essential. 

  4. The member is involved in any type of litigation, hearing or other proceeding in which their attendance is required by law. 

  5. The member is attending a funeral of a member of their immediate family. 

  6. Employment related absences 

Honorarium Schedule 

The following rules will be followed for payment of honoraria: 

  1. The Chair is paid $300 monthly. 

  2. If the Vice Chair replaces the Chair then the Chair's rate is paid for that month. 

  3. Board members are paid $28.31 monthly. 

  4. There will be an additional payment of $75 for committee members attending committee meetings. The Committee Chair is paid $100 additional per month as long as the Committee is active.   

  5. Members will be granted absentee consideration for three regular scheduled Board meetings per annum. A deduction of $28.31 will be applicable where members are absent in excess of three regular scheduled Board meetings. 

  6. Payment of travel expenses will require a resolution for travel expenses prior to attendance at any conference or meeting other than a Board meeting.

Conferences and Training

Attendance at conferences will be discussed and agreed to at Board meetings in advance of attending.

Board members attending conferences or training opportunities will be compensated a flat rate of $125 per day including travel days.