B.2.11 Expectations of Board Members



General Administration Effective Date: July 1, 2010  
Topic: Governance  Replaces: 
Subject: Expectations of Board Members Policy No. B.2.11.



Board members need to work together as a team so that they can govern effectively. This means that the Board shares its collective legal and fiscal responsibilities.  In the spirit of teamwork, members need to contribute and participate fully and be respectful of one another’s contributions. 

The following ground rules reinforce this spirit:

  1. Cultivate a sense of humour.
  2. Practice mutual respect.
  3. Accept conflict/tension as healthy and handle both creatively.
  4. Deal with problems promptly.
  5. Encourage and affirm each member’s unique potential.
  6. Make use of individual skills. 
  7. Delegate tasks appropriately.
  8. Encourage ALL members to participate in discussions – listen to and value diverse opinions.
  9. Emphasize that it is okay to make mistakes.
  10. Keep an open mind.
  11. Treat each person with courtesy.
  12. Never monopolize, interrupt or intimidate during discussions.
  13. Take a collegial approach to the tasks. 

These are the expectations that members have of each other so that they can fulfill their important governance role:

  • Attend orientation sessions. 
  • Attend DSB events.
  • Be committed to the vision and mission of the DSB.
  • Attend meetings and participate actively. (Cannot miss three consecutive or 50% of Board meetings per year. If unable to attend, call in regrets.)
  • Serve on committees and attend over 50% of scheduled meetings.
  • Be prepared – do your readings and bring materials to meetings.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Declare any conflict of interest.
  • Ensure ethical behavior.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to learn about DSB and its environment.
  • Participate in Board development and education.
  • Respect and support Board decision.