B.2.10 Board Member Code of Ethics



General Administration Effective Date: July 1, 2010  
Topic: Governance  Replaces: 
Subject: Board Member Code of Ethics Policy No. B.2.10.



As a member of this Board I will, to the best of my ability: 

  • Represent the interests of the people served and employed by this organization;
  • Approach all matters discussed by the Board with a mind prepared to make the best decision for the organization as a whole;
  • Live up to the trust of those who elected the Board and of those we serve;
  • Focus my efforts on the mission, policies and strategies of the organization;
  • Not use the organization or my service on this Board in a manner which violates the Board By-Laws, policies and procedures;
  • Keep confidential information confidential;
  • Exercise my authority as a Board member only when acting in Board meetings or as delegated by the Board.