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10.7 Employment Ontario


Ontario Works Effective Date: March 1, 2022
Topic: Local Programs Replaces: April 1, 2013
Subject: Employment Ontario Policy No. H.10.7



The Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board's purpose is to aid individuals in becoming economically independent. We strive to help participants achieve their individual goals by providing employment services to the Chapleau and area residents. 

We are committed to the quality, fair, sensitive, and equitable treatment of all people who require Employment Assistance.


At Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB, we believe:

1. in an affordable and effective community-based health and social services system that enables individuals to play an active role in programs designed to improve their lives;

2. that investing in people through a comprehensive, integrated, responsive health and social services system is vital to healthy communities;

3. that employment assistance through a comprehensive suite of services  is integral to an individual's feeling of contribution to the community and purpose;

4. that resources are to be targeted to programs and services that are proven to be effective;

5. in community-based and integrated partnerships that are built on clear roles and responsibilities;

6. in the provision of French language and culturally appropriate services that, through our work with those we are here to assist, we are actively contributing to the sustained social and economic vitality of the communities within the Manitoulin and Sudbury Districts.

We are responsible to deliver Employment Ontario for the residents of Chapleau and area and we want to help you get the training, skills and experience to achieve your goals. We want to connect people looking for work with employers looking for workers. 



We are a place for all residents of the Chapleau and area to obtain the following:

Resource and Information service:

• guidance in developing a job search strategy which may include but are not limited to resume and cover letter preparation and developing interview techniques; 

• assistance with computer usage and access to internet-based services i.e. email, employment preparation sites, job search database and websites;

• use of email, computers, fax and free of charge telephone and internet services;

• information on resources / services available through the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB and the community at large

• other services as identified by the community / recipient


One-on-one job search service:

• structured and individualized support;

• exploration, identification and clarification of interests, abilities, skills, education and experience in relation to short- and long-term career and employment goals;

• exploration of occupational and training requirements related to career and employment goals;  

• orientation to the workplace – rules and expectations of employers, rights and responsibilities of employees, Canadian workplace culture;

• counselling and coaching in life skills that support successful employment;

• support for disclosure of disabilities that may affect workplace participation;

• preparation of job search tools such as resumes and applications, interview and job search strategies, school and training records;

• support in assessing qualifications against job requirements; 

• information about and supported access to professional accreditation, language, credential and prior learning assessment;

• support, mentoring and coaching during the job search process, and 

• supported referral and access to other services including, but not limited to education and training; 

• guidance on apprenticeship in skilled trades; 

• other services as identified by the community / recipient


Job matching, placement, and incentives:

To Individuals:

• outreach to employers to identify opportunities in the “hidden” job market

• help in matching skills and interests with work opportunities;

• negotiating and developing opportunities with employers on your behalf;

• on-the-job training;

• placement support in identifying and resolving workplace issues that may affect your success, and 

• if necessary, financial support to help accommodate barriers to employment 

To Employers:

• provide access to resources, such as but not limited to, office space for interviews, testing and other resources, if available;

• assessment of individuals’ skills, aptitudes and interests in relation to their workplace business needs;

• development of realistic on-the –job training plans that are realistic for participants and consistent with workplace requirements 

• support identifying and resolving workplace issues with individuals which may impact employers’ ability to meet business goals;

• access to in-house trainer for job specific skills training such as, First Aid and WHMIS.

• financial incentives to offset on-the- job training placement where appropriate and necessary 


Job Retention Support:

To Individuals:

• development of a resource pool of mentors/coaches;

• identification of the need for additional support (with you and your employer, as appropriate);

• development of a support plan for you and the mentor/coach and employer (as appropriate); linking you with mentors and coaches to provide support during and after the job placement;

• monitoring of the mentor/coach relationship and its impact on workplace success, facilitating adjustments as required

To Employers:

• assistance in identifying areas that require additional support and/or learning, mentoring, and/or coaching with a purpose to ensuring job maintenance and/or increased competencies and/or advancement.


We want your Feedback:

We are committed to listening and addressing your service concerns. At the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB we want to ensure that you receive the service that YOU need.  

The Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB has policies in place to address complaints toward staff and services. We encourage you to discuss your concerns or issues with your worker. If your worker is unable to resolve your concerns, you can ask to be directed to your worker’s immediate supervisor.

We view effective resolution as a very important part of our commitment to improving how we deliver our services to you. We encourage you to complete our survey. The survey will be provided to you every time you access the resource center and or when you feel you no longer require assistance. Furthermore, once you feel you no longer require our assistance, as part of our retention and follow up service, we will try and contact you at 3, 6 and 12 months to ensure that you are on the “right track”. 

For additional information, we encourage to visit our website @