Restructure - Issue Report

Report To: Program Planning Committee

From: Donna Stewart, Associate CAO

Date: February 24, 2022

Re: Restructure - Issue Report


To provide the Board with information regarding a restructure with the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (DSB) portfolio.

Human Services Integration Restructure


The Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB has provided integrated social services for some time, the Integrated Program Assistants, Case Managers and Director of Integrated Social Services/Chief Administrative Officer have all demonstrated an integrated approach to service delivery.  There is a gap in integration at the supervisor level.  While the Ontario Works, Children’s Programs and Community Housing Supervisors work well together and support minimal coverage during absence there is still work to be done to ensure seamless integration at the supervisor level.
The province is moving to the desired end state of a fully integrated human services system that supports person-centred, outcome focused and coordinated services to streamline efforts, improve client outcomes and the health and vibrancy of communities.

The existing program-based supervisor model may be considered outdated as we move toward a fully integrated human services system.  

We currently have three (3) of the four (4) Program Supervisors in temporary positions which allows the Management Team to support a new model in alignment with the province’s desired state of full integration.

Integrated Human Services Managers (IHSM) Model 

It is recommended that the existing system be replaced with an Integrated Human Services Managers (IHSM) model with a higher level of responsibility for more than one aspect of human services and a more fulsome approach to Human Services Integration.  

The Director of Integrated Social Services would be renamed Director of Integrated Human Services.

The current Ontario Works and Children’s Programs Supervisors would be responsible for all aspects of both programs for a specific geographic area.  The two (2) Community Housing Supervisors would be responsible for all aspects of Community Housing for a specific geographic area.  We have a future state model of full Integration amongst all Supervisors however we want to transition gradually with the suggested approach to integrate two of them at a time amongst two programs.
A significant amount of training would be required to build team capacity as program supervisors historically have not provided program coverage, only staffing/approval coverage.  

As we move toward stability support and away from an approval/audit function, we recognize that significant changes will be made to client service delivery, community partnerships will become increasingly important.

Building capacity within the team will allow more support for clients, tenants, community providers and staff, ultimately providing better service and enhanced well-being. The  IHSM would become very familiar with the community they are working in and participate actively at local planning/partner tables which will support better outcomes for clients, tenants, and community providers.

The team will need to be responsive and supportive of client needs as they navigate the system, a holistic approach will need to be considered for clients, tenants, and families.  

Staff will be offering supports and services that support individuals in reaching a level stability in their living conditions that allows them to be involved in their community and able to participate in employment and family/parenting services.

Strong leadership and mentorship will be needed to support staff and ultimately client success. While the capital piece of the Infrastructure and Asset Management portfolio will stay with Housing Services Corporation (HSC) via contract, the remainder of Asset and Infrastructure portfolio and the tenant portfolio will be integrated.    

Once transition from Supervisor to Manager is made within the new model, implementation would occur gradually over several months.

Information Technology  


The Information Technology (IT) Manager currently reports to the Chief Administrative Officer.  

The Asset and Infrastructure component of Community Housing and the Administrative Assistant position transitioned under the supervision of the Director of Integrated Social Services (DISS) from the Director of Finance and Administration (DFA) two (2) years ago as it made sense for all of Community Housing to be over sought by the DISS. This transition ensured a seamless approach when providing supports to custodians and to tenants alike.  

Administrative Restructure

Considering other Northern District Services Board’s organization charts, their Information Technology department does not report to the Chief Administrative Officer, in fact the most of them report to a Director of Corporate Services or Administration. Taking into account the functions, roles and responsibilities associated with the Information Technology Manager, it is recommended that the IT Manager report directly to the Director of Finance and Administration. 

The IT Manager would be aligned in the same classification category as the Integrated Human Services Managers, all reporting directly to the Director of their department.


The recommended changes will support our goal of human service integration and will ultimately better support clients, community partners and staff.  Synergies between staff will ensure less duplication and support better coverage during planned and unplanned absences. Establishing permanent roles within the management team is needed to ensure our continued success.

Staff will present a more detailed restructuring plan for the Board approval at the March 2022 meeting.