National Housing Accord


October 31, 2023

Sent by Email:

Donna Stewart, CAO 
Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB 
210 Mead Blvd 
Espanola, Ontario
P5E 1R9

Dear: Mrs. Stewart

RE: National Housing Accord

The Northern Ontario Service Deliverers Association (NOSDA) discussed the National Housing Accord and the effects on NOSDA members.

As Canada’s housing crisis worsens, a group of housing sector organizations – non-profit and for-profit housing providers, developers and investors – have put forward a plan to restore affordability, protect Canada’s most vulnerable, and build at least two million new affordable and market rental units by 2030.

The National Housing Accord’s recommendations provide the blueprint for millions of people to have a safe, secure and affordable place to live. If implemented, it will address housing affordability, meet the needs of our growing population, create jobs and play a significant role in ending homelessness. We are ready to step up and address this crisis, but we need the federal government to join us and step into their vital housing leadership role.

After some discussion NOSDA approved the following resolution:

WHEREAS the housing crisis in Canada has reached a critical level, with rapidly rising rents and a shortage of affordable rental units, disproportionately affecting vulnerable populations; and

WHEREAS the National Housing Accord presents a realistic plan with ten key recommendations to address the housing crisis, improve affordability, and reduce homelessness; and

WHEREAS NOSDA recognizes the importance of affordable housing for the well-being of people in Northern Ontario; and
WHEREAS NOSDA also recognizes the recommendations within the National Housing Accord cannot be fully successful without capital grants for the construction of new affordable and rent geared to income housing.

BE IT RESOLVED, that NOSDA supports the National Housing Accord and its ten recommendations as outlined in the document; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that NOSDA calls upon the federal government to take a leadership role in implementing the National Housing Accord and working collaboratively with all levels of government and stakeholders to address the housing crisis in Canada; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that NOSDA calls on the federal and provincial government to make capital grants available for the construction of new affordable and rent geared to income housing to all 10 DSSAB’s and the City for Greater Sudbury in Northern Ontario; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that NOSDA recommends that its members review the National Housing Accord with their boards and consider supporting same.

We are asking that you share this resolution with your board and consider passing a similar resolution at your next board meeting as well as sharing same with your member municipalities where appropriate.

If you require any further details, please reach out to me at 705-7665-2944 or


Fern Dominelli
NOSDA Executive Director