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March 31, 2022

Good Afternoon,

On March 30, 2022, the government released its More Homes for Everyone Plan, that proposes targeted policies and initiatives for the immediate term to address market speculation, protect homebuyers and increase housing supply.

Details about the range of measures in the government’s plan can be found in the news release here: Ontario is Making It Easier to Buy a Home | Ontario Newsroom. 

The More Homes for Everyone Plan is informed by a three-part consultation with industry, municipalities and the public. This includes the Rural Housing Roundtable and the first ever Ontario-Municipal Housing Summit, letters to all 444 municipalities asking for their feedback, and follow-up meetings with the leaders of municipal organizations. On behalf of the ministry, thank you for being part of our consultations and sharing your valuable input.

The government also introduced Bill 109 - the More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022, and is seeking feedback on the changes proposed under the legislation and on other initiatives, through a series of housing related public consultations. This includes seeking input on how to support gentle density for multi-generational and missing  middle housing, as well as addressing housing needs in rural and northern  communities. These and other related consultations can be found through the Environmental Registry of Ontario and the Ontario Regulatory Registry

The government committed to prioritizing implementation of the Housing Affordability Task Force’s recommendations over the next four years, with a housing supply action plan every year, starting in 2022-23. To facilitate this, the government plans to establish a Housing Supply Working Group, that would engage with municipal and federal governments, partner ministries, industry, and associations to monitor progress and support improvements to its annual housing supply action plans.

Ontario looks forward to continued collaboration with municipalities to address the housing crisis and hear your ideas and advice on the More Homes for Everyone Plan.

Kate Manson-Smith 
Deputy Minister

c. Joshua Paul, Assistant Deputy Minister – Housing Division
Sean Fraser, Assistant Deputy Minister – Planning and Growth Division
Caspar Hall, Assistant Deputy Minister – Local Government Division