Minister of Education Letter to Parents

Ministry of Education 
315 Front Street West 
Toronto ON M7A 0B8

March 28, 2022

Dear Parents,

Ontario entered negotiations with the federal government on a Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care agreement committed to negotiate as long as needed to land the right deal for you and your family — one that was more flexible and more sustainable that included the following principles:

  • Offers financial relief for families with children under five years old in licensed child care.
  • A sustainable program that does not burden future generations.
  • Preserves your choice as a parent for the right child care option for you.
  • Provides optimal flexibility to ensure long term sustainability

We fought for Ontario families and today we are proud to deliver the right deal for your families. The Ontario government signed a historic, $13.2-billion agreement with the Government of Canada that delivers relief to families, and savings are immediate.

Ontario's deal will lower child care fees and provide more accessible, high-quality child care for you, including delivering an average of $10-a-day child care by September 2025. Ontario's schedule to lower fees for parents includes:

  • As a first step, all Ontario families with children five years old and younger in participating licensed child care centres will see their fees reduced, up to 25 per cent, to a minimum of $12 per day, retroactive to April 1, 2022 once a child care operator enrolls in the program.
  • In December 2022, parents will see another reduction. In total, fees for families will be reduced, on average, by 50 per cent by the end of this year, relieving parents of
  • $1.1 billion in child care costs.
  • ·n September 2024, families will see further fee reductions, culminating in a final reduction to an average of $10-a-day child care by September 2025.

We know that more affordable, reliable child care enables you to go to work with peace of mind, knowing your children are growing and flourishing in safe environments that support learning, development and well-being.

Our government has always been committed to building an early years and child care system that meets the needs of children, families, service providers and child care staff. Our goal was to get a deal that works for Ontario and recognizes our province's unique position, including having among the highest child care fees, the largest proportion of child care—aged children in Canada, and a fully funded, full-day kindergarten program for four- and five-year-olds.

Under the former government, child care costs rose to the highest levels across the country. Since then, our government has taken action to deliver real relief for Ontario families with our Ontario Child Care Tax Credit (CARE), helping an estimated 300,000 families each year with up to 75% of their eligible child care expenses so they can work, run a business or study to acquire new skills. We will continue to provide this relief for families.

Together, through the Ontario Child Care Tax Credit (CARE), affordable child care options, and all-day kindergarten, Ontario parents are provided with a full array of options, benefits and supports for early years and child care

In the coming weeks, our government will work with municipalities to enroll over 5,200 child care centres and home child care settings in the new program. Rebates to parents retroactive to April 1 will begin in May and follow the enrolment of centres and home child care agencies into the new program. Parents do not need to proactively enrol, as your licenced child care provider will be in touch.

As we chart our path forward, Ontario families will realize maximum benefit from this exciting transformation. We will communicate more details, including specific timelines and eligibility requirements, soon. In the meantime, you can visit to read more about the Canada-Ontario child care agreement.

Thank you, Ontario families, for your support in advancing the right deal for families that will give your child the best possible start in life. By standing firm, we were able to deliver the right deal for Ontario families that includes billions in additional funding and a longer agreement that respects all parents and provides financial support for all families.

Hon. Stephen Lecce 
Minister of Education