Resolution to Premier Ford re: Child Care - September 1, 2020

Niagara Region

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September 1, 2020

Council Session CL 15-2020, August 13, 2020

The Honourable Doug Ford
Premier of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1


RE: Motion – Child Care

Minute Item 11.1 CL 15-2020, August 13, 2020

Regional Council, at its meeting held on August 13, 2020, passed the following resolution:

WHEREAS the Region of Niagara and Niagara’s twelve local area municipalities jointly declared a state of emergency on April 3, 2020 to protect the health of our communities;

WHEREAS the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a destructive toll on Niagara’s economy, resulting in business closures, job loses or a reduction of wages for Niagara residents and families;

WHEREAS women have been disproportionately impacted by these economic impacts, or have had to leave the labour market altogether in order to provide child care or home-schooling;

WHEREAS the provision of child care benefits employers, is proven to support economic recovery, but also leads to greater workforce participation by women and supports their return to the workforce;

WHEREAS the economic recovery of the Niagara Region and Ontario is dependent on families having access to safe, reliable, and affordable child care that incorporates early learning principles; and

WHEREAS a 2012 study on the economic value of child care identified that every dollar invested in child care in Ontario has a direct regional economic output of $2.27.


  1. That the Niagara Region REQUEST that:
    1. The Government of Ontario prioritize children and child care as part of our overall post-pandemic recovery plan;

    2. The Government of Ontario develop, adequately fund and release publicly a comprehensive plan that can support families through the provision of licensed child care and early learning education; and

    3. The Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada work collaboratively to develop a National Child Care Strategy to make child care an essential part of our public infrastructure that can support and expedite economic recovery; and

  2. That this motion BE CIRCULATED to those upper and single tier municipalities who are designated by the province as municipal service managers for childcare and local area MPPs and MPs.

Yours truly,

Ann-Marie Norio
Regional Clerk

CLK-C 2020-185

Distribution List:

The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
Chris Bittle, MP - St. Catharines
Dean Allison, MP - Niagara West
Vance Badawey, MP - Niagara Centre
Tony Baldinelli, MP - Niagara Falls
Jennifer Stevens, MPP - St. Catharines
Jeff Burch, MPP - Niagara Centre
Wayne Gates, MPP - Niagara Falls
Sam Oosterhoff, MPP - Niagara West-Glanbrook
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Clerk, City of Cornwall
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Clerk, City of Hamilton
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