NELHIN Neighbourhoo\d Model of Care Update - August 4, 2020


Date: August 4, 2020

To: Neighbourhood Model of Care Housing Partners and Lead Health Service Providers

From: NELHIN Home and Community Care Planning Team

Subject: Neighbourhood Model of Care Update

This Update is intended to provide a high-level review of activities to date and the current status of the North East Neighbourhood Model of Care. As a result of the hard work and efforts of all partners, development of the four active Neighbourhood Model sites is well underway, with an additional site in progress.

In Fall 2018 work was initiated to engage early adopters to help develop a new health service delivery model within the North East. The model would bring together social housing providers and health service providers in partnership to support a mutually identified senior population with a range of health needs within eligible buildings.

In July 2019, six months after the inaugural launch of the Neighbourhood Model of Care, the Lead Health Service Providers (HSPs) came together to review the status of the initiative and develop standardized Operational Service Guidelines for use across all Neighbourhood Model sites. The Operational Service Guidelines that were established focused on the practices of home and community care support within each site, including NELHIN Home and Community Care and the Lead Health Service Provider. A pilot period of six months was agreed upon by the participants to test the guidelines.

February 2020 marked the second Face to Face meeting of the Neighbourhood Model of Care Planning Team (22 participants plus the facilitator team). A review and revision of the Operational Service Guidelines was the focus of the work. Additionally, each site had an opportunity to share updates with the group on their progress.

Sandra Doucette from March of Dimes Canada was introduced to the Planning Team as the new Neighbourhood Model of Care Regional Coordinator. Sandra will act as a support to each Neighbourhood Model site team and be a resource for future model development.

In March 2020 the COVID pandemic struck the province and put a pause to all Neighbourhood Model site activities and planning. Existing clients and tenants requiring health supports continued to receive services necessary health services.

In early June 2020 active development of each site was re-initiated. Participants at each Neighbourhood Model site were re-engaged with regularly scheduled touchpoint meetings. As well, planning and organization of COVID related supports for

With the support of all Neighbourhood Model of Care members, including our housing providers and Lead Health Service Providers, the journey to developing a model of health care service delivery that supports seniors in our communities continues.

Neighbourhood Model Successes:

  • Establishment of four active Neighbourhood Model of Care sites across the North East, including: two urban sites (both in Sault Ste Marie) and two rural sites (Little Current and Capreol
  • Development of a fifth Neighbourhood Model of Care site and third urban site in Sudbury (Paris Street)
  • Initiation of a Senior Friendly Care Framework for all Neighbourhood Model sites in collaboration with the North East Specialized Geriatric Center’s Senior Friendly Care Leads
  • Active engagement with and support offered to tenants in response to COVID pandemic
  • Initiation of the Regional Coordinator role as a support resource to all Neighbourhood Model sites
  • Activation of the Neighbourhood Model portal to support a common communication platform for all participants
  • Endorsement and continued evolution of Neighbourhood Model of Care Operational Service Guidelines

As the Neighbourhood Model of Care Planning Team continues to develop and roll out new and innovative services within our sites, we will continue to keep you updated on our activities. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Russel DeCou, NELHIN HCC Planning Lead at