DSB Property Queensway/Mead Sewer Capacity Study - September 10, 2020

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September 10, 2020

Fern Dominelli, Chief Administrative Officer
Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board
210 Mead Blvd
Espanola ON PSE 1R9

September 21, 2020

Dear Fern,

RE: DSB Property Queensway Ave /Mead Blvd

During the Special Meeting of Council of September 8, 2020, the following resolution was adopted:

"Be It Resolved That: Council agree to pay 50% of the capacity study at the Queensway/Mead location. Council is to receive a copy of the capacity study."

Please submit a copy of the invoice provided by R.V. Anderson once the work is completed, at which time a cheque will be issued to cover 50% of the associated costs. In addition, please ensure a copy of the capacity study is forwarded to the municipality once it is received.

Kind Regards

Jill Beer, Mayor

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