Completion of 5-Year Housing and Homelessness Review - March 24, 2020

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Assistant Deputy Ministers Office

Housing Division
777 Bay St., 14th Floor
Toronto ON M7A 2J3

Ministère des Affaires municipales et du Logement
Bureau du sous-ministre adjoint

Division du Logement
777, rue Bay, 14e étage
Toronto ON M7A 2J3

March 24, 2020

Dear Service Manager,

I am writing to thank you for completing the five-year review of your local Housing and Homelessness Plan, pursuant to the Housing Services Act, 2011 (HSA), and addressing the Policy Statement: Service Manager Housing and Homelessness Plans, 2016.

The five-year review process provides an important opportunity for Service Managers to engage with the broader community, consider relevant changes in local needs and priorities and determine new strategies to improve outcomes for Ontarians.

Thank you for the opportunity to review your amended plan. Local Housing and Homelessness Plans are extremely useful to the Ministry to inform the ongoing and future work in housing and homelessness policy and program development. With respect to homeless enumeration, the Ministry plans to implement a by-name list approach beginning in 2021. Service Managers in many Ontario communities are implementing by-name lists to provide real-time data about people experiencing homelessness in their communities.

The Ministry will be engaging in a series of conversations about implementing by-name lists and will be consulting with Service Managers; your Housing and Homelessness Plan is helping to inform the province’s understanding of how enumeration results are currently used locally within your community.

I extend my best wishes to you and Council for the successful implementation of your plan. We look forward to working with you and reviewing updates through your annual progress reports.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your plan further, please do not hesitate to contact me or your local Municipal Services Office.


[original signed by]

Joshua Paul, Assistant Deputy Minister, Housing Division

c. Peter Kiatipis, Director, Community Housing Policy
c. Jim Adams, Director, Housing Programs
c. Aly Alibhai, Director, Municipal Services Division
c. Hannah Evans, Assistant Deputy Minister, Municipal Services Division