B.3.05 Opening Public and Short Form Tenders


General Administration Effective Date: July 1, 2010
Topic: Finance Replaces: April 25, 2002
Subject: Opening Public and Short Form Tenders Policy No. B.3.05.



To define the procedures for the opening, evaluation and awarding of tenders.

Tender Receipt

Bidders must deliver to the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (DSB) the fully completed tender by the due date.  

The Tender Award Committee is responsible for the opening of all Public and Short Form Tenders.

Tender Award Committee Composition

The committee is selected from the following: 

  • CAO
  • Director of Finance or designate
  • Supervisor Infrastructure & Asset Management or designate
  • Appropriate Program Manager/Director or designate 

The required quorum is two (2). Attendance is mandatory for the Director of Finance or designate and the Appropriate Director/Manager or designate. At each tender opening the Committee Chair will be the Supervisor Infrastructure & Asset Management or designate.

Attendees at Tender Opening 

Anyone may attend the tender opening. Those in attendance are required to sign the attendance sheet.


The depository box is opened by the Chair on the designated time on the tender opening day.

Late Submissions 

Late submissions can be determined by the date stamp and time of receipt on the envelope, fax or the email. Bids submitted after the specified date and time are returned to the bidder unopened.

Procedures for Opening 

If the public is in attendance, a statement should be made to the effect that this is just an opening and does not constitute an award process, which takes place after an evaluation.

  1. A committee member will open and stamp the date on each submission 
  1. The Chair will initial the date stamp, sequentially number and announce: 
  • The name of each bidder
  • The bid
  • Whether the bid security has been included
  1. A committee member will record the names of the bidders 
  1. Each committee member will review each bid to ensure it meets the tender submission criteria and includes the name, address and signature of the bidder and total price.
Two Valid Bids Only

If only two (2) bids are received, both bids are opened and examined for validity before the price is read. If one (1) bid is invalid, this fact is stated and the remaining bid is treated as a single bid.

Single Bids

If only a single valid bid is received, it is retained. However, the amount is not read to protect the bidder in the event of recall action.

Tender Opening Notes

A record is kept of any Public or Short Form Tender Opening meeting and will show: 

  1. Names of attendees
  2. Sequential tender number
  3. Name of bidder
  4. Bid price<
  5. Type of bid security and whether the amount of security tendered is also compared with the requirements
  6. Details of disqualifications, if any.
​Bid Securities 

The Tender Award Committee Chair will place the bid securities in an envelope marked with the tender number and the sequential number of the relevant bid and place these in a secure location.

Evaluation Process


A bid may be disqualified for: 

  1. Non‑provision of required bid security
  2. Bidder being barred from doing business with the DSB 

If a bidder is disqualified, the bid security, if any, is returned to the bidder


Evaluation of bids is completed by the Tender Award Committee who will: 

  1. Relate the bids to the appropriate Tender Award File to ensure that all requirements are met.
  2. Compare details of submission compared to specifications of work.
  3. Evaluate in accordance with the evaluation criteria in the Procurement Policy.
  4. Ensure the bid does not exceed the DSB allocated amount for the project.

Tender Evaluation Notes 

Following review and evaluation, a Tender Evaluation Notes are prepared and will show the following: 

  1. Tender number
  2. Closing date
  3. Staff original estimate of cost
  4. Name of bidder
  5. Director/Manager recommendations based on evaluation criteria in the Procurement Policy.

Recall Action 

Recall action may take place at the discretion of the Tender Award Committee. In extenuating circumstances, a single qualified bid may be accepted. If recall action is taken, a suitable time interval is allowed. This enables the staff to discover the reason, if any, for the lack of bids received, and possibly revise the contract documents.

Advising Unsuccessful Bidders 

All bidders are advised of the successful bidder and the contract amount.