B.2.04 Travel By-Law



General Administration     Effective Date: January 1, 2019 
Topic: Governance  Replaces: November 1, 2010
Subject: Travel By-Law Policy No. B.2.04.



Board Member Travel By-Law 

Whereas the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB wishes to provide a fair and equitable allowance for out of pocket expenses when Board Members travel on Board business.

Therefore the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB enacts the following: 

  1. DSB provided Board Member Expense Claims shall be the standard form to be used and remitted to the appropriate person within seven (7) thirty (30) days after the elected Board member events (e.g. – conferences and seminars). 

  2. All travel expense claims submitted for reimbursement shall be verified and approved by the Chair. The Chair’s submitted expense claims shall be verified and approved by another designated Board member. 

  3. Advance requests, submitted at least ten (10) working days before an event, provided the amount is approximately equal to the expenses to be incurred, will be honoured. 

  4. The Board will defray the costs associated with Board members’ attendance at Board approved conferences, seminars and other functions.

  5. Expenses, such as, air, bus, train, rental and taxi fares shall be supported by actual receipts.

  6. Meals and Kilometrage shall be reimbursed at the rate established by the Board Human Resources Policy Manual.

  7. Kilometrage for members of the Board will be calculated from their qualifying property for the purposes of municipal elections or in the case of TWOMO members, from the qualifying property for the purposes of TWOMO elections or their permanent residence, whichever is closer to the DSB Main Office. 

  8. Reasonable incidental expenses, such as, gratuities, telephone calls, or unforeseen disbursements shall be reimbursed.  Amounts above ten (10) dollars shall be reimbursed upon submission of receipts.

  9. Expenses to be incurred and reimbursed when entertaining DSB business guests related to any event shall be approved by the Board.