B.2.03 B Roles of Board Members



General Administration Effective Date: July 1, 2010
Topic: Governance  Replaces: May 27, 2004
Subject: Roles of Board Members Policy No. B.2.03.B



Roles of Board Members 

Board Chair 

  • The Board Chair fulfills the following roles:
  • Chairs Board meetings ensuring an adequate and focused discussion while maintaining time constraints
  • Represents the Board to outside parties at the political level
  • Acts as the single official spokesperson for the Board other than in specifically authorized circumstances
  • Encourages the Board to operate as a team
  • Ensures Board actions are consistent with existing policies
  • Ensures legislated responsibilities are assumed
  • Signs Board contracts as per signoff policy
  • Encourages Board Members to take on future leadership roles
  • Works in partnership with the CAO and Committee Chairs 
  • Serves in an ex-officio capacity on all committees
  • Calls exceptional Board meetings as required
  • Manages the performance evaluation of the CAO in conjunction with the other members of the Human Resources Committee

Vice Chair

The Board Vice-Chair fulfills the following roles:

  • Chairs Board meetings in the absence of the Chair 
  • May assume other Board Chair duties during a prolonged the absence of the Chair 

Committee Chairs 

The Board Committee Chairs fulfill the following roles:

  • Ensures the effective operation of the committee according to the committee’s terms of reference
  • Orients new members to the work of the committee and the applicable policies it works with
  • Understand the role of staff and invites input from them
  • Plans and evaluates the work of the committee with the help of staff and Committee members
  • Reports the Committee’s progress to the Board