B.1.06. Senior Management Team Terms of Reference


General Administration Effective Date: October 1, 2011
Topic: Administration    Replaces: July 1, 2010
Subject: Senior Management Team Terms of Reference Policy No. B.1.06.




The Senior Management Team Meetings will include the following:

  • CAO
  • Chief of EMS
  • Director of Finance & Administration
  • Director of Integrated Social Services
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Human Resources Support
  • Other staff may be asked to attend on an as needed basis

The Senior Management Team meets for the following purposes

  1. to collectively arrive at solutions to issues and problems which impact across program boundaries;

  2. to share information on program changes which may impact more than a single program;

  3. to review administrative policies and procedures on a scheduled basis;

  4. to share program information in order to support and enhance integration of program delivery;

  5. to participate in the planning of the budget process;

  6. to coordinate planning for staff events;

  7. to provide advice on needed improvements to shared resources, office space or equipment;

  8. to discuss IT issues and opportunities which transcend program boundaries;

  9. to plan information sharing with all staff

Statement of Principles for Management Team


The DSB Senior Management Team will respect peers, staff and community ensuring each individual’s dignity. 


The DSB Senior Management Team will enter in as individuals and exit as one voice.


The DSB Senior Management Team will show professionalism in their work by being responsible, honest, and courteous to others guided by positive attitude, professional ethics, high standards and integrity.


The DSB Senior Management Team will “seek first to understand then to be understood”.  We will acknowledge the value of different types of communication to ensure a clear and concise message.


Members of the DSB Senior Management Team will take responsibility for the decisions and actions, as well, the decisions and actions of the management team as a whole. 

Frequency of Meetings

The Senior MTM will meet monthly on the second Monday of each month at 1.00 pm.  If the Monday is a holiday the meeting will move to the Tuesday following.


The minutes will be created from the agenda as the meeting proceeds and will be available at the meeting end. Decisions approved at Senior MTM will be communicated by the CAO to all Managers in a timely manner.