B.1.05. Video Surveillance Policy


General Administration Effective Date: April 1, 2012
Topic: Administration    Replaces: July 1, 2010
Subject: Video Surveillance Policy Policy No. B.1.05.




Video surveillance is an integral part of security operations on DSB properties and is used in order to decrease the likelihood of inappropriate behaviour.


The video surveillance systems are intended to:

  • Discourage unlawful or anti-social behavior of individuals on DSB premises;
  • Facilitate a safe and secure environment
  • Support an immediate response to an observed or reported incident.


The video surveillance systems will be located

  • DSB reception areas
  • Parking lots
  • Selected public areas on DSB properties

The information collected by these systems may be used to:

  • Identify witnesses and offenders;
  • Apprehend and prosecute offenders; or
  • Provide evidence in a disciplinary hearing or criminal prosecution.

NOTE: Given the limitations of what the surveillance system can monitor at any single point in time, individuals should not rely on the system to provide complete or absolute safety. The video surveillance system is just one security device employed by DSB to promote a safe and secure environment.

Authorized Personnel

The Information Systems staff will be responsible for operation and insuring the secure access to the storage devices.


The equipment used is motion activated.


A notification sign is located in every location where video surveillance is in effect. The signs will be located in clear public view at the normal point(s) of entrance to the location.

Management of Recorded Information

The video surveillance data will be retained for a period no longer than six (6) months. This interval is dependent on the ability of the individual system.

Recorded images from the video surveillance system are considered to be confidential information and will be stored accordingly. Authorized employees will access the recorded images only if there is a security-based reason, that is, if an incident has been observed, reported or is suspected to have occurred.

The recorded images will only be used:

  • For a security or law enforcement purpose; or
  • for a legal proceeding; or
  • for the provision of evidence in support of any inquiry or prosecution associated with criminal and/or anti-social activity on DSB property or the misuse of DSB space or equipment;

The recorded images may be disclosed to any of the following for purposes described above:

  • decision making authorities
  • law enforcement agencies
  • the Crown

Requests for access to the recorded images must be submitted in writing to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The disclosure will be approved only if the applicant demonstrates a legitimate right of access to the information and commits to using the information only for a law enforcement purpose. Disclosure will be documented and will include the name of the individual to whom the information is disclosed, reason for disclosure, as well as the date and time of access, removal, or copying.

Immediate access to recorded surveillance by law enforcement agencies may be permitted under the authority of the Program Director, or designate if the information is time sensitive. These incidents should be documented as per above and immediately reported to the CAO. Additional follow-up by the Program Director/CAO may be required.

Breach of Policy

Employees will be subject to discipline if they breach the policy or the provisions of the relevant legislation.