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G.8.2 Care and Transportation of Suspected Ebola (EVD) Cases


Paramedic Services Effective Date: April 30, 2019
Topic: Occupational Health & Safety

Replaces: November 13, 2014

Subject: Care and Transportation fo Suspected Ebola (EVD) Cases Policy No. G.8.2.



To confirm expectations defined for the management (suspected or confirmed) Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) patients, or EVD type patients.

This policy is overarching and references both Provincial and Paramedic Services programs pertaining to the management of EVD patients. Each Paramedic is responsible to ensure competence with the requirements for management of these patients.

  • Paramedics
  • Paramedic Superintendents
  • Senior Managers


To ensure that the appropriate equipment is made available to those who may come into contact with a patient with EVD the following shall apply.

  1. It is the responsibility of each paramedic to ensure that they have on their person, during deployment, all issued personal protective equipment (PPE), both appropriate in sizing and adequate in quantity. 
  1. Any discrepancy, or deficiency with PPE shall be communicated directly to the Paramedic Superintendents. 

Each Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB Paramedic has been issued 2 complete isolation PPE Kits; each containing:

  1. 1 appropriately sized fluid resistant/impervious coveralls with hood,
  2. 1 bouffant cap,
  3. 1 appropriately sized impervious procedure gowns,
  4. 1 appropriately sized pair of fluid resistant boot covers,
  5. 1 full face shield,
  6. 1 Biohazard bag,
  7. 1 roll of tape,
  8. 1 large plastic sheet 

Each Paramedic is also supplied 1 pair of personal issue Safety Glasses to be kept in their service issued Health & Safety Gear Bag.

  1. 3. Each vehicle will be supplied with:

    1. Clear large size garbage bags (to bag patient equipment in use),
    2. 2 pairs, each size Boot Covers (L, XL, XXL),
    3. 6 Contaminated Material Containment Bag (Biohazard bags),
    4. 2 pairs Coveralls (M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL),
    5. 2 pair Eyewear, Protective (Safety),
    6. 1 box each Gloves, Non-Sterile (S, M, L, XL),
    7. 1 box each Gloves, Non-Sterile Extra Long Protection (S, M, L, XL),
    8. 2 each Gowns (Reg, XL),
    9. 3 Hand Rub, Antiseptic,
    10. 2 Hazardous Face Shields,
    11. Head Covers (Blue) (bouffant),
    12. 10 Particulate Respirator Mask N95 (8210, 8110 & 9210) 

The purpose of EVD education is to ensure competency and a tactical understanding. As such each Paramedic shall: 

  1. Be provided with MOHLTC Training Bulletin Updates or equivalent; 
  1. Complete the Donning/Doffing isolation and PPE equipment instructional programs on the Paramedics Service LMS site; 
  1. Demonstrate the process for Donning/Doffing isolation and PPE equipment to a Paramedic Superintendent, Service Area Educator, or other service designated person;
  1. Complete a summative written exam on the Paramedic Services LMS site.

Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board, Care and Transportation of Communicable Disease Cases 2010, Policy & Procedures G.6.3.

CMOH Directive #1 October 30, 2014

CMOH Directive #2, Nov 7, 2014