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G.6.2 Continuing Education, Remediation and Reintegration


Paramedic Services Effective Date: April 30, 2019
Topic: Professional Standards and Development Directives

Replaces: New includes G.4.6., G.7.6.

Subject: Continuing Education, Remediation and Reintegration Policy No. G.6.2.



To ensure all Paramedic Services personnel complete all assigned self-directed education programs, attend all mandatory Departmental education programs, and complete all continuing medical education (CME/CE) opportunities. To ensure remediation and reintegration is managed in accordance with expectations.

  • Paramedics
  • Paramedic Superintendents

The continued evolution of Paramedicine and the prescriptive performance expectations from all stakeholders results in inherent risk for knowledge gaps and capacity degradation where policy adherence is not maintained.   


  1. The Deputy Chief, or designate will develop, schedule and deliver education programs, remedial programs and reintegration.
  2. Didactic sessions will be developed for both the spring and fall of each year.
  3. Paramedics and Paramedic Superintendents will be scheduled to attend all mandatory courses.
  4. Self-directed education programs will be delivered by leveraging the service’s learning management system (LMS).
  5. Timelines and expectations for completion of self-directed programs will be established with consideration of operational workload.
  6. Paramedics and Paramedic Superintendents will be responsible to ensure maintenance of certification as set out in Legislation.
  7. A record of education completion shall be kept in each employee’s inventory system, and recurrent needs, or expirations will be communicated with each person.
  8. Paramedic Services will monitor maintenance of qualifications and will deploy accordingly.
  9. Reintegration will be managed in accordance with Regulation and Policy.

ALSPCS Appendix 6