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G.5.9 Scoop Stretcher


Paramedic Services Effective Date: April 30, 2019
Topic: Vehicles, Equipment & Facilities Replaces: March 1, 2010
Subject: Scoop Stretcher Policy No. G.5.9.



To outline direction for utilization of the Ferno Scoop Stretcher to aid in the lifting and transferring/transporting of patients.

  • Paramedics
  • Paramedic Superintendents


Rationale for use

The Ferno Scoop Stretcher is an assistive device for transporting patients. The device is ideal for use where manipulation unusual lifting could negatively impact on the patient.


The Ferno Scoop Stretcher is made of an aluminum tubing frame and body panels, and consists of the frame, body panels, coupling mechanisms, lock-pin levers, and quick connect pins. The Ferno Scoop Stretcher has a max load of 350 Pounds (159 Kg). 

Procedure for Use
  • The device should be unfolded, and the foot ends should be slid into the torso section. Insertion of the pins will engage the latch lock pins.
  • Position the stretcher on one side of the patient with the centre of the head panel approximately even with the patient’s nose.
  • Adjust the foot length to a position where the end coupling will extend beyond the bottom of the patient’s feet.
  • Carefully detach the two halves by depressing the lock lever button.
  • Place the patient’s arms on top their chest then place the two halves on either side of the patient, then tuck one half under the patient.
  • Join the head end first, ensuring patient's hair is clear, then fasten the foot end.
  • Immobilize the Head and Neck if required.
  • Secure the Torso and pelvis by using a cross strap technique.
  • Secure the legs and feet.
  • Lift the patient onto the appropriate carrying equipment using appropriate lifting techniques. 
  • Whenever possible, place padding between the device and the patient during application to provide added comfort and to reduce risk of injury.
  • Ambient temperature extremes must be considered and mitigated whenever possible.
  • Staff must be aware of risk from chest straps on patient’s breathing. 

The Ferno Scoop Stretcher should be cleaned and disinfected after each use in accordance with the Disinfection of Vehicles and Patient Care Equipment Policy & Procedure.  


The Ferno EXL Scoop Stretcher is stored in the extended position in both Demers and Crestline vehicles. 

For more detailed instructions, please refer to references and User’s Manual.


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