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G.5.5 Ferno Number 9 Stretcher Use


Paramedic Services Effective Date: April 30, 2019
Topic: Vehicles, Equipment & Facilities Replaces: March 1, 2010
Subject: Ferno Number 9 Stretcher Use Policy No. G.5.5.



To outline safe use of the Ferno #9 portable cot for the purpose of transferring/transporting of patients.

  • Paramedics
  • Paramedic Superintendents


Rationale for Limited Use

The Ferno #9 model stretcher has been removed from the Ontario Equipment Standards as a mandatory piece of equipment on land ambulances. Despite this decision, Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB Paramedic Services has determined that a limited number of these devices will remain at Paramedic Services stations where there is a likely need to facilitate airport transfers. The following stations will have a single Ferno #9 stretcher placed on site: 

  • Chapleau
  • Gore Bay
  • Wikwemikong
  • Little Current
  • Mindemoya 

Image of Ferno Model 9 stretcherThe model 9 stretcher is constructed from tubular aluminum. The cover is made of a vinyl/nylon material. The back rest has eight levels of adjustment from flat to full upright position. There is a telescoping located under the back rest. The bar may be pushed in to shorten the stretcher for storage or use in confined areas, or it may be pulled out for convenience in carrying the unfolded stretcher. To allow for compact storage, the model 9 can be folded in half by completely lowering the back rest, grasping the head and foot ends, then fold the wheels and leg posts together. The maximum weight limit for this device is 350 pounds (159 KG). 

Procedure for Use

The model 9 stretcher should be unfolded to its full-length position. To do this, grasp the foot end and the head end and extend away from each other. Test the stretcher to ensure that it is properly opened. 

Placing the patient on the stretcher

  • Position the stretcher as close to the patient as is practical,
  • Transfer the patient onto the stretcher and position according to their condition.
  • Secure the patient to the stretcher by utilizing the patient restraint straps.

To adjust the backrest

  • Grasp the bracket frame and lift slightly to take the load off of the lock mechanism
  • Squeeze and hold the adjustment handle while raising or lowering the back-rest frame.
  • Release the adjustment handle when the desired position is reached.
  • Lower the back-rest frame until the lock mechanism engages.

Carrying the patient and stretcher

  • Lift the stretcher, using a hand grasp at each corner and appropriate lifting procedures. One attendant should be at the head end while the other attendant should be at the foot end.
  • When descending a hill, the stretcher should proceed feet first.
  • When ascending a hill, the stretcher should proceed headfirst.
  • If the patient is heavy, the distance is great or the terrain is rough increase the number of people carrying the stretcher if possible, e.g. police, fire rescue personnel.
  • Should it be necessary to lift the stretcher with both attendants at either side of the stretcher, Paramedics’ hands should be positioned as wide apart as possible. 

Use in the ambulance

  • The patient should be loaded and secured onto the model 9 stretcher. The model 9 may then be placed on the ambulance cot and secured.
    • The unloading sequence would be the reverse of the above.


  • The straps should be attached to the back rest, not to the lower frame. This allows the patient’s upper-body position to be adjusted without adjusting the upper restraint strap.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to your in-service training, document references and user’s manual. 


This device can be cleaned with soapy water or mild solvents and then be thoroughly dried. If sterilization is required, disinfect according to Disinfection of Vehicles and Patient Care Equipment Policy. 


The nature of the Ferno #9 stretcher allows for easy exchange with aircraft crews. When such an exchange has taken place, Paramedics must complete an inspection sheet for the new device and scan that completed document to


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