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G.5.3 Security and Cleanliness


Paramedic Services Effective Date: April 30, 2019
Topic: Vehicles, Equipment & Facilities Replaces: G.4.26, G.6.7, G.6.12, G.6.23
Subject: Security and Cleanliness Policy No. G.5.3.



Paramedic Services personnel are responsible for ensuring the security of all resources they have been given responsibility over. This includes but is not limited to station security, fleet and equipment security and personal issued equipment security. Such responsibility extends beyond hours of work.

  • Paramedics
  • Paramedic Superintendents
  • Senior Managers
  • Administrative Staff


Station Security
  1. Personnel will be responsible to ensure that no station is left unattended when unsecure. This responsibility includes ensuring that all exterior person and vehicle doors are closed and secured prior to departure from the station.
  2. Paramedic Services personnel shall utilize their individually issued access/identification card to access any DSB property.
  3. Any damage to the DSB property shall be immediately reported to the on-duty Paramedic Superintendent and shall be followed up with a written incident report. Wilful damage shall be managed through the progressive discipline process, including termination. 
  4. Paramedic Services fleet shall always be secured from unauthorized access. When outside of a secure paramedic services station bay, vehicles will have the doors locked, and the OEM keys removed from the vehicle, in the possession of the driving paramedic.  
  5. During months of extreme weather, or when on-scene of any response, the vehicle antitheft system shall be activated, and OEM keys removed, and kept in the possession of the driving Paramedic. The only exception to this direction would be where a vehcile is parked in a secure hospital garage.  In such cases, where the vehicle may be moved by an authorized person, the keys shall be left in the unlocked vehicle. 
  6. Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB shall not be held responsible for lost or stolen personal property that has been brought to employee’s workplace.
Maintenance of a Clean Work Environment
  1. Paramedic Services personnel shall ensure that fleet, facility and equipment is maintained in a clean and hygienic manner.

  1. The following processes are mandated and shall be adhered to at all times. Personnel shall ensure that;  

    1. Access to fleet is free of obstacles or hazards.
    2. Access and egress from each facility entrances/exits are free from obstacles or hazards.
    3. Hazardous materials are stored in accordance with legislation, policy and procedure.
    4. Equipment, fixtures and appliances are operationally maintained.
    5. Adequate lighting is present in all work areas.
    6. Floor surfaces are clean and free from hazards.
    7. The general cleanliness of all work areas.
    8. Daily cleaning including, but not limited to mopping and vacuuming, is completed prior to the end of each shift.
  1. Based upon an established schedule, Paramedic Services personnel shall ensure that; 

    1. Station deep cleaning is completed.
    2. Vehicle deep cleaning is completed, and associated documentation is completed and submitted.
  1. Personnel are granted the privilege to use the DSB facility and equipment to wash their personal vehicles so long as all work duties are completed in advance, and so long as DSB equipment/fleet are not placed in an environment that may negatively impact on them.

  1. There will be no mechanical work done on personal cars or motorcycles in the garage, i.e. changing oil, spray painting, changing tires, etc.

  1. The privilege to use DSB facilities and equipment to clean an employee’s own vehicle is subject to change without advanced notice and without recourse.


MSDSB Policy C.4.06