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G.3.24 Victims of Violence/Abuse


Paramedic Services Effective Date: April 30, 2022
Topic: Operations Directives Replaces: April 30, 2019
Subject: Victims of Violence/Abuse Policy No. G.3.24.



While every person who is treated by Paramedics is subject to care with dignity, respect and discretion, patients who have been the target of any type of violence require specific care. This directive will provide guidelines to Paramedics for the care and transportation of victims of violence.

  • Paramedics
  • Paramedic Superintendents


Child in Need of Protection

If a Paramedic reasonably believes a child is in need of protection and/or has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child has suffered or is likely to suffer any type of abuse or harm, be it through commission or omission, the Paramedic shall report their concern to the Children’s Aid Society or KINA Gbezhgomi without delay. This direction is consistent with the BLS PCS and the Child and Family Services Act. The findings and actions must be documented on the ePCR, and each Paramedic involved in such a call shall complete and submit an Incident Report.

Paramedics Reporting Numbers

  • CAS Sudbury Location: Telephone: 1-877-272-4334, or (705) 566-3113
  • CAS Little Current Location: Telephone: (705) 368-2810
  • KINA Hotline: Telephone 1-800-268-1899
Suspected or Confirmed Sexual Assault

When any Paramedic Services staff have reason to believe a patient may have been the victim a sexual assault, Paramedics shall:

  • Ensure that the patient is not left alone and ensure patient privacy.
  • Request that CACC ACOs have Police Services attend to the scene.
  • Make every effort to consider the Paramedic gender for the purpose of exam and treatment.
  • Limit examination to areas of obvious injury. 
  • Be conscious of the events when discussing details of the incident. 
  • Avoid allowing the patient to bath or change clothes. Patient should be wrapped, and the linen/clothing secured as evidence.
  • Refer to the Basic Life Support Patient Care Standards, Section 1-54 Sexual Assault (Reported) for more specific information sexual assault situations.
  • Carefully document all findings and procedures on the ePCR, and complete/submit a detailed Incident Report.
Suspected or Confirmed Elder Abuse

Paramedic should always be cognizant of the risk for elder abuse in situations where injuries are unusual, or where the events details are inconsistent with the event description. Elder abuse should not be assumed to be excluded where the call location is a Health Care/LTC facility.  Paramedics shall:
Attempt to build rapport with the patient before questioning them about abuse or neglect.
If the paramedic suspects abuse, question the patient using plain language and in a non-judgmental fashion.

  • Attempt to identify the patient’s level of isolation.
  • Immediately alert hospital/LTC staff of any suspicions of elder abuse.
  • If the patient identifies abuse/neglect, Paramedics shall request CACC notify Police Services to attend the scene. 
  • Paramedics shall document the details and statements from the patient/bystanders on the ePCR and shall complete an Incident Report. 

Any patient, in custody for any reason shall be managed in a professional manner by Paramedic Services personnel.



Child and Family Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.11. Section 72 

Children’s Aid Society of Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts

Kina Gbeshgomi Child & Family Services