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G.3.1 Return to Response Readiness


Paramedic Services Effective Date: April 30, 2022
Topic: Operations Directives Replaces: April 30, 2019
Subject: Return to Response Readiness Policy No. G.3.1. 



To ensure Paramedics can transfer patient care (TOC) and can return their status to response ready within an appropriate period, limiting risk to the communities. 


Paramedics, Paramedic Superintendents, Senior Managers 


The placement of Paramedics in a receiving facility presents the communities covered by Paramedic Services at significant risk, and results in extended response times. An effective return to response readiness allows for a more efficient deployment model and ultimately greater response capacity and better patient outcomes. 


  1. Paramedics shall notify the CACC ACO, via portable radio (or telephone where the portable radio is not operating) as soon as Transfer of Care (TOC) has taken place.
  2. If TOC has not been facilitated by the receiving facility within 5 minutes of arrival into the department, paramedics shall notify the ACO by radio of their Offload Delay (AOD) status. 
  3. If the ACO has not been notified of TOC within 20 minutes of Paramedic arrival at the destination facility, and if no off-load delay (AOD) has been communicated by Paramedics, the ACO shall contact the Paramedics to confirm their status and obtain the expected TOC time. Where the ACO is unable to contact the paramedics, the Paramedic Superintendent is to be immediately notified.
  4. Restocking and cleaning of vehicle and equipment, and completion of all documentation should be complete within 30 minutes of arrival to the destination facility.  
  5. Paramedics may be required by the Ambulance Communications Officer (ACO) to clear destination facilities prior to the established times to meet operational demands.  
  6. When Paramedics anticipate a delay in return to readiness due to extenuating circumstances, the ACO shall be notified immediately. 
  7. When an ambulance crew anticipates a delay in clearing due to extenuating circumstances, (i.e. need to clean vehicle and/or equipment) the Communication Officer should be notified as soon as possible.

Manitoulin-Sudbury Paramedic Services Deployment Plan