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8.2 Request for Review


Community Housing                     Effective Date:  
Topic: Forms    Replaces: 
Subject: Request for Review Policy No. 8.2. 


REQUEST FOR REVIEW (Provider to Committee)

Date: *(d/m/y)
Name of Appellant: *
Appellant’s Telehone #: *
Date appeal letter was received: *(d/m/y)
Decision being appealed:*
refused place on waiting list (centralized, special needs, special priority)
not offered a unit
made ineligible for subsidy
disputed subsidy calculation
declared over-housed
refused transfer
What were the reasons for your decision? *
What options have already been discussed with the appellant? *
Is there other information the committee needs to make a decision? *
Housing Provider: *
Individual Submitting Request: *
Date Submitted: *(d/m/y)