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7.7. Move Out/Cyclical Painting


Community Housing Effective Date: July 1, 2021
Topic: Infrastructure & Asset Management Replaces: 
Subject: Move Out/Cyclical Painting Policy No. I.7.7. 



Tenant units may be painted on move out if required. Consideration will also be given to repainting the unit after the tenant has occupied the unit for more than 5 years.


Move Outs
  • A unit move out inspection is conducted and rooms requiring painting and repair will be addressed.
  • Colours and paint type will be as per the DSB specification.
Cyclical Painting
  • Tenant puts in request to the DSB.
  • The tenant’s unit is inspected by the Custodian
  • Decision by the Community Housing Program Supervisor

Cyclical painting is approved:

  • Tenant is notified that their unit will be painted
  • Tenant is responsible for moving all furniture, paintings etc away from the areas (walls) to be painted so not to impede the painter
  • Tenant is responsible for cleaning the walls
  • The unit is painted in the colours and paint type as per the DSB specification.
  • Once painting is completed, the tenant is responsible for moving their furniture back, hanging pictures, curtains etc.

Cyclical painting is not approved:

  • Tenant is notified by the custodian that their unit will not be painted.
  • Tenant will be able to resubmit their request one year after the refusal.