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7.10. Winter Site Maintenance - Common Exterior - DSB Apts


Community Housing Effective Date: December 1, 2010
Topic: Infrastructure & Asset Management Replaces: 
Subject: Winter Site Maintenance - Common Exterior - DSB Apts Policy No. I.7.10. 



Exterior common areas shall be maintained in a condition suitable for their intended use and free of hazards and, for these purposes, winter maintenance shall be undertaken.


Custodian Responsibilities
  • Maintain all common exterior areas such as sidewalks, steps free of snow and ice
  • Where snow, ice or sleet conditions are present or likely to occur, to lay down sand and or de-icer suitable to the conditions
  • Where snowfall accumulation is 5cm or more a timely response will be required to maintain safe egress from the building
  • Ensure a container of sand and shovel is available at the main entrance to the facility
  • Parking lots shall be maintained to provide a safe surface for normal use 
Tenant Responsibilities

Although every reasonable effort will be made to ensure exterior common area conditions are suitable for their intended use, tenants should exercise appropriate judgement to ensure their own safety.