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5.4. Tenant Complaints


Community Housing Effective Date: August 1, 2017 
Topic: Provider Responsibility Replaces: December 1, 2010
Subject: Tenant Complaints Policy No. I.5.4. 



It is expected that from time to time issues may arise which result in tenant complaints.

It is our goal to ensure timely resolution of these matters respecting the limitations of the legislation governing the issue.


Tenants may lodge a complaint in one or more of the following manners.

  1. Submitting in writing
  2. Calling
  3. Relaying to another advocate or attending any office

ALL complaints are to be logged into the SharePoint tracking database. The ticket is to be created listing the complainant, details of the issue, who the issue is concerning and their contact information 

Users are also to prioritize the complaint in the “General” tab as follows:

  1. Low
  • First occurrence of minor consequence
  • Non-enforceable under the lease/RTA
  • Unwarranted complaint 
  1. Normal
  • Property/unit damage
  • Minor Police Involvement
  • Resident Behaviour (noise, negative interactions)
  • Noise
  • Allegations of unauthorized guest
  • Unit condition
  1. High
  • Endangerment/safety priority
  • Threatening the safety of another
  • Physical Violence
  • On-going or Escalating Issue
  • Police charges/Criminal Activity
  • Or anything else that could result in immediate/likely termination

If the issue can be resolved at the source, the ticket will be opened and then closed by the user. However, if the complaint is one that requires assistance from the Community Housing Program Supervisor (CHPS), please assign the ticket to the CHPS.  

The CHPS will provide guidance on the issue(s) within the notes segment of the ticket, and reassign for action/follow up. 

Tickets are assigned in the Details-Status tab. Assigned tickets will generate an email to the assignee advising them that action is required. 

All actions are to be recorded in the notes tab.  

Should there be any attachments, an indicator is present on the Attachments tab, but will also alert the user of the requirement to upload the evidence to World Dox. 

Once the complaint has been resolved, the ticket can be closed.

Please note the following:

  • Closed tickets are not to be reopened for a 2nd occurrence. A new ticket should be logged.
  • Multiple complainants = multiple tickets i.e. each complainant will generate its own complaint ticket
  • Any documentation is to be indicated on the ticket and scanned into the resident files of both the person lodging the complaint and the person onto whom the complaint is made. 

Ongoing or Escalating issues should result in consultation with SHPS to determine if additional action should result (Notice to Vacate (NTV)).