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4.7. Rent increases of less than $10


Community Housing Effective Date: December 1, 2020  
Topic: Tenant Policies Replaces: I2.7 August 28, 2003
Subject: Rent increases of less than $10 Policy No. I.4.7. 



Tenants in receipt of Geared-to-Income subsidy are required to report any changes to their income within 10 days of the change.  ALL tenants are, as a requirement for continued subsidy, required to complete an annual income review. 

The SHRA gives a Service Manager the discretion to decide on whether to implement an increase to a Tenant’s rent if the increase is less than $10.


If a household receiving Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) assistance advises the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (DSB) or their Housing Provider of a change in income or assets, the DSB or the Housing Provider must recalculate the rent.   DSB has latitude under the Act to establish a local rule which determines whether or not any increase in income or assets, which would result in a change in rent payable of less than $10.00, needs to be implemented.

Therefore, when a household reports a change, mid-year, to their income or assets, the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (DSB), or the Housing Provider will complete a rent calculation to determine the impact of the change on that household’s monthly rent charge. If the amount of the rent change would cause the rent to increase less than $10.00, no change is made at that time. Rather, it is implemented at the time of the annual review. 

It should be noted that should a review, outside of the annual review, of geared-to-income rent payable result in an increase in the rent payable, the rent increase take effect on the first day of the second month following the month of change. 

i.e. Household reports a change on September 10th, outside of their annual    review date of January that they have had an income increase.  After the     calculation is confirmed and the increase is say $20/month, the household would begin to pay the increased rent as of November 1st. 

Decreases to tenant’s RGI rent payable outside of an annual review occur in the month following the change regardless of the amount of the decrease.

Reference: SHRA (O. Reg.298/01, s. 52 & 53)