For Immediate Release - January 17, 2022

For immediate Release – January 17, 2022

Christine Elliot, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health has approved annualized base funding up to $300,000 starting in the 2022 calendar year to support non ­ ambulance transportation for medically stable patients.

The Patient Transfer Service is a partnership between the Manitoulin Health Centre, Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre, and the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board. This partnership started with a pilot program approved by the Northeast LHIN in March 2013. 
Over the years the partnership has grown stronger and in 2021 the partners signed a three-year partnership agreement to fund the Patient Transfer Service without any direct government funding. The new partnership agreement also provided for a Personal Support Worker and Patient Transfer Attendant in each vehicle and the use of three-year-old decommissioned ambulances instead of the eight-year-old vehicles that were being used since 2013. 

Although the annualized base funding does not cover the costs for this service, it will go a long way to one day having permanent funding for the Patient Transfer Service.

“This is great news for hospital patients who need to travel to Sudbury for diagnostic testing” Nicole Haley, CEO for the Espanola Regional Hospital. “Having a reliable patient transfer service for medically stable patients is critical for Manitoulin Island” Timothy Vine and Paula Fields, Interim Co-CEO Manitoulin Health Centre. “Having a fully functioning Patient Transfer Service is vital for the LaCloche/Manitoulin area as it ensures our Paramedics are available to respond to 911 calls and save a life” Fern Dominelli, CAO Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB.