Housing Project in Little Current - May 6, 2021

Northeastern Manitoulin & the  Islands
P.O. Box 608
Little Current ON  P0P 1K0

May 6, 2021

Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board
210 Mead Blvd,
Espanola, ON P5E 1R9

Re: Housing Project in Little Current

Dear Mr. Dominelli

We are very pleased and excited to be working with you on this new housing development. This endeavour is something that our town has been in need of for quite some time.

Mayor and Council had the opportunity to discuss the matter at our recent Council meeting and has passed the following resolution:

Resolution No. 129-05-2021

Moved by: L. Cook
Seconded by: B. Baker

Whereas it is the intent of Council to support the development of affordable housing for Seniors within the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, (Municipality) and

Whereas the Municipality is in possession of property donated by the Lilly Fielding Foundation which meets the needs of the local Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (MSDSB), and Whereas the MSDSB has committed to building affordable seniors housing on said property subject to all municipal requirements and site plan control,

THEREFORE BE IT Resolved that the Council for the Corporation for the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands donates 1.42 Acres of property on Park Street in Little Current to the MSDSB subject to the following conditions:

  1. The MSDSB agrees to construct the development by December 31, 2023 or ownership of the property reverts to the Municipality for two dollars. This condition will be registered on title at the expense of the MSDSB.

  2. The MSDSB agrees to have the property surveyed and will file a copy of said survey with the Municipality and have it filed with the Registry Office at the expense of the MSDSB.

  3. The MSDSB agrees to build housing as per the design (four-unit pods) as presented to council on April 27, 2021.

  4. The MSDSB agrees to adhere to the locate and property size on the site plan attached to this bylaw as this site plan will minimize the use of the land for the project and maximize the land parcel which will be retained by the municipality.

  5. The Municipality will comply with the Municipal Act requirement to implement a Municipal Capital Facilities Bylaw which will facilitate the donation and permit the municipality to tax the development at the residential rate (not the multi-residential rate) for a twenty-year period.

  6. The MSDSB agrees that if it sells or disposes of the property within the twenty years of the date of the transfer of ownership that it will reimburse the municipality for the value of the property as if vacant as established by an independent appraiser at the time of the disposition.

Nothing in this bylaw restricts property tax obligations on the property except for the agreement to charge the residential rate for the first twenty years of MSDSB ownership. Nothing in this bylaw impacts on the ability of the Municipality to levy sewer and water charges at the same level as those imposed upon the balance of the users of the system, including but not limited to sewer and water hook-up fees and charges.


Continued conversation and requirements of this project will continue to be done through the CAO, David Williamson and any questions or clarification requirements can be made directly to him at 705-368-3500.

Once again, Thank you for your investment in our community.

Yours Truly.

Pam Cress